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  1. OMOPLUS 2.0 - Shoulder brace
  2. OMOPLUS 2.0 - Shoulder brace
  3. OMOPLUS 2.0 - Shoulder brace
04-3d-fabric 10-silver-fiber 15-radio-lucent

Omoplus 2.0

Shoulder brace with fixed abduction immobilization at 10°

  • Product code : M.90080
Forearm length cm*< 38> 39
Circumf. max. forearm cm< 32> 29
Colour black
*Measurement taken from elbow to end of closed fist
specify right or left 


  • New tensioning system (exclusive):
  • Shoulder piece (with rotatable strap guides) on the side of the injured shoulder to ensure the physiological posture of the shoulder and to protect against neck ache
  • Strap on the opposite side for fixation
  • Straps arranged on the back in a triangular format to stabilise the shoulder blade
  • Straps adjustable via Velcro®
  • Wedge made from firm foam rubber with a cover of textured material for Velcro® fastenings, fabric in direct contact with the body has woven-in silver thread and is anti-bacterial and odour-inhibiting
  • The bandage for immobilising the arm can be adjusted in length
  • Arm pocket made from breathable material with Velcro® closure on the wedge: this facilitates the mobilisation of the elbow
  • Abdominal strap, adjustable via Velcro®, with clip buckle closure
  • Wedge with front edge for improved stability; slightly angled in the arm rest region for increased wearing comfort
  • Strap for thumb and training ball

  • Post-operative care (in abduction) after operations on the rotator cuff, the joint of the glenoid labrum, capsular stabilisation, operations to the soft tissue of the shoulder


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