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  1. CARBON AFO - Carbon-fibre ankle foot orthosis
  2. CARBON AFO - Carbon-fibre ankle foot orthosis
  3. CARBON AFO - Carbon-fibre ankle foot orthosis
03-low-profile 15-radio-lucent 17-carbon-fiber 30-single-patient-multiple-use

Carbon afo

Carbon-fibre ankle foot orthosis

  • Product code : MKTAFO
Size S ML
Height cm 36  39  42
Shoe size33/38 38/43 43/48
Colour black
specify right or left 

  • Spiral structure for resistance and elasticity; pre-loaded to provide constant support to the foot
  • Structure in reinforced carbon fibre for excellent support. Sole in thin carbon fibre, that can be adapted to different shoes
  • Light
  • Calf Velcro® closure, with return loop
  • Calf padding in MTP finished in technical fabric in contact with the body
  • Washable
  • Functional calf grip: right mix of flexibility (to permit flexible adjustment to different calf circumferences) and stiffness (to avoid twisting during use)

  • Limping foot
  • Ictus
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Neurological illnesses
  • Amputation of forefoot


  • Macroscopic deformity of the foot and ankle
  • Acute edema
  • From moderate to severe spasticity
  • Contracture of front and rear tibial muscles that cannot be healed with the simple apparatusposture


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