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  1. Motorised trainer for passive mobilisation
  2. Motorised trainer for passive mobilisation
  3. Motorised trainer for passive mobilisation


Motorised trainer for passive mobilisation

  • Product code : 4KM-500

  • Anti-spasm device with rotation activity block and acoustic signal
  • Electronic control device with on-board computer
  • 4 levels of pedaling speed adjustment:   15 cycles / min (low) - 30 cycles / min  (medium-low)   45 cycles / min (medium-high) -  60 cycles / min (high)
  • 5 levels of duration adjustment:  3-6-9-12-15 min
  • 2 types of movement selectable: pedaling forward or backward, with 2 second pause for change of direction
  • Operation with easy-to-fix knobs and pedals
  • Adjustable radius pedaling: 13 cm (long user) -  11 cm (average user) - 9 cm (short user) based on the height of the user
  • Tachometer
  • Calorie counter
  • Countdown
  • Pre-programmed exercise function
  • Electronic display to view data and functions: set time, cycles / minute, real time of use, number of cycles performed, calorie consumption, activation of pre-programmed exercise


  • General Rehabilitation
  • Gymnastics for the elderly
  • Supporting action for venous pump and lymphatic drainage
  • Exercise to complement treatments with traditional kinesiotherapy in severe forms of chronic and progressive disabilities



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