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  1. PEDIVIS ACTIVE - Insole
  2. PEDIVIS ACTIVE - Insole
  3. PEDIVIS ACTIVE - Insole
  4. PEDIVIS ACTIVE - Insole
  5. PEDIVIS ACTIVE - Insole
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PediVis Active

Cushioning insole

  • Product code : M90216 | M90217
PediVis Active (narrow) Item M90216
Shoe size 35 / 48 
PediVis Active (wide) Item M90217
Shoe size 35 / 48 

supplied in pairs

  • The clear polyurethane film covering holds together and protects the parts of the insole. It keeps the insole firmly in place within the shoe even during very active wear
  • The top covering in Lycra Alveare fabric offers odour control. The fabric undergoes a special treatment that breaks down any sweat produced by the feet and naturally neutralises the molecules that cause unpleasant odours
  • The lateral support offers a better fit for the heel and stability for the foot even under strain
  • The anatomically designed heel support stabilises the heel area; it works with the arch support to limit pronosupination; it extends to the midfoot to also support the metatarsal bones (the shape can be altered). It contains the shockabsorbing insert
  • The shock-absorbing insert cushions any vibrations and impact force as the foot touches the ground
  • The strong resin shell retains its shape and guarantees proper support
  • Viscoelastic metatarsal cushioning provides added comfort during the propulsive phase
  • EVA (30 ShA) covering for enhanced comfort

  • Stabilization in prone supination
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flatfoot or cavus foot
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Inflammation of the heel.


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