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  1. POLFIT 21 -  long-size wrist immobilizer, open,
02-breathable 04-3d-fabric 08-easy-fastening 15-radio-lucent 16-air-pad 30-single-patient-multiple-use

PolFIT 21

Long-size wrist immobiliser, open, with a rigid and malleable stay

  • Product code : MP1121
Wrist circumference cm13/1616/1818/2020/23
Length cm26262626
specify right or left    

  • Full dorsal opening
  • 3D breathable fabric for structure
  • Four rings and Velcro ®  straps lock
  • Dorsal reinforcing  stays
  • Aluminum palm splint, preformed and removable on medical prescription
  • Full dorsal opening

  • Treatment of of stable fractures of meta-distal epiphysis of radius and ulna (deemed stable by orthopedist)
  • Post-surgery after unstable distal fracture of the radius and ulna
  • Wrist sprain
  • Tendinitis
  • Fractures of carpus (except scaphoid) whether treated surgically or conservatively
  • Complications of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-surgery after metacarpal fractures
  • Radio-carpal arthrosis


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