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  1. EXTRA-S 15°/30° - Shoulder brace
  2. EXTRA-S 15°/30° - Shoulder brace
  3. EXTRA-S 15°/30° - Shoulder brace
  4. EXTRA-S 15°/30° - Shoulder brace
04-3d-fabric 10-silver-fiber 15-radio-lucent


Shoulder brace with immobilisation in external rotation at 30°

  • Product code : M.E115 | M.E116
Long.avant-bras cm*< 3435/39> 40

Colour: black

*Measurement taken from elbow to end of closed fist

  • Cussion made from high-densityfoam. The fabric that comes into direct contact with the body has silver fibres woven into it
  • Neck protection sleeve
  • Covering and sleeve with a nylon gauze on the outside to facilitate the Velcro® grip
  • Buckle straps and adjustable Velcro® fastening
  • Option of extra rotation of 15° or 30°
  • Rehabilitation ball
  • Thumb support
  • Arm support pocket made of breathable material

  • Post-operative care (extra rotation)after operations on the rotator cuff, the joint of the glenoid labrum, capsular stabilisation, operations to the soft tissue of the shoulder
  • Conservative treatment of initial stages of a luxation of the glenohumeral joint


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