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  1. SHOULFIX 3 - Brace for shoulder immobilization
  2. SHOULFIX 3 - Brace for shoulder immobilization
  3. play video SHOULFIX 3 - Brace for shoulder immobilization video
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Shouldfix 3

Brace for shoulder immobilisation

  • Product code : M20414
Size                SMLXL
Forearm length cm28/3434/4242/4848/58

Fits right and left 

*measurement taken from the elbow to the end of the closed fist

  • Made of cotton and polyester with elbow pocket support
  • Chest immobiliser strap with central padded fabric and Velcro ®  fastening system
  • Shoulder straps with Velcro ®  fastening system with central padded fabric

  • Stable humerus fractures
  • Gleno-humeral luxation
  • Distorsions of shoulder
  • Post surgery humerus fractures and gleno-humeral luxation treatment
  • Post surgery after tenorrhaphy of long head of humeral biceps



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