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  1. SpinalPlus 2.0 - Spinal brace
  2. SpinalPlus 2.0 - Spinal brace
  3. SpinalPlus 2.0 - Spinal brace
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  5. play video SpinalPlus 2.0 - Spinal brace video
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Spinalplus 2.0

Spinal brace for osteoporosis

  • Product code : M33049
Distance T1-L5 cm 35/4141/4747/5454/61
Pelvic circumf. cm 70/12570/12570/12570/125

Option: M33049/P inflatable pad

  • Malleable radiotranslucent aluminium alloy inner frame
  • Patented strap system (Patent EP2502608, US8795215): - Fastens around the abdomen with a corset - A unique tensioning system – all the rear straps and the shoulder straps can be tightened by pulling the pads - A special system magnifies the force exerted to double the tension of the shoulder straps – maximum effectiveness with minimum effort
  • Dorsal-abdominal straps with a low-friction strap
  • Dorsal-abdominal straps attached directly to the metal frame with self aligning buckles and press studs
  • The abdominal corset ensures greater comfort and stability: - Velcro ® fastening - Adjustable length - Bonded stretchy MTP section and technical stretch fabric
  • Biodynamic, stretchy dorsal insert
  • Padded shoulder straps with the option of pre-setting their positions
  • PE padding bonded with velour and technical fabric with bonded edges

  • Dorsolumbalgia after healing of stable compression fractures of dorsolumbar vertebrae
  • Stable compression fractures of dorsolumbar vertebrae caused by osteoporosis or metastatic tumors
  • Hyperkyphosis of the thoracic spine, post-traumatic or caused by arthrosis
  • Juvenile osteochondrosis


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