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  1. DORSOLITE - Orthopedic brace
  2. DORSOLITE - Orthopedic brace
  3. DORSOLITE - Orthopedic brace
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Back orthopedic brace

  • Product code : M91111
Size universal
Height cm30
Colour  cream


  • The support and straps are made of PE foam in a bi-layer of velveteen and technical material  a back pulley system provides better traction when fastening
  • The straps can be adjusted and shortened using the Y- Velcro® straps to adjust overall length and shoulder straps position
  • Fastens with a snap-fit buckle
  • Easy to put on, just like a backpack


  • Useful for the correction of a curved back, kyphosis and scapular winging
  • A useful aid for back pain caused bypoor posture.


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