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Pluspoint FAST, the future is now!

Pluspoint FAST, the future is now!

There’s never been such an easy to wear functional knee orthosis

How many times have we wished we had a knee brace that is easy to don and simple to fasten? 

How many times have we shopped for a knee brace that combines comfort with a practical design? 

Well, all that is now a reality thanks to Pluspoint FAST.

The new functional knee orthosis by Orthoservice Ro+Ten is easy to don as it opens at the front, and simple to fasten because it has numbered straps and lever buckles so you can keep the adjustments made when the orthopaedic technician first fitted the brace. 

Specially designed for instable or ruptured ligaments, Pluspoint FAST has been engineered to support the knee in any situation by applying its four innovative points of pressure.

The thermoformed pads and anatomically designed frame made with a special aluminium alloy mean that the brace always feels comfortable against the skin while it snugly grips the thigh and shin with a stable fit. 

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