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Carbon and silver, the fibres that make the difference

Carbon and silver, the fibres that make the difference

Only the best materials for our products

Choosing the right materials is crucial as their unique characteristics determine the product’s performance and enhance the wearer’s wellbeing. 

The Carbon fiber pictogram signifies that braces and supports are made with carbon fibre. 

For example, thanks to the properties of carbon fibre, the Flex-B, Padded dorso-lumbar orthopedic orthosis, is antistatic and bacteriostatic, and is also stretchy, breathable, ladder-proof and feels soft against the skin. All characteristics that guarantee a premium quality product and absolute comfort for the wearer. 

The Silver fiber pictogram highlights that the fabric has been made with silver fibre so that it is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and breathable with odour control. 

Silver fibre is used in Orthoservice Ro+Ten shoulder braces with immobilizer. High-density foam rubber is covered with a fabric woven with silver fibre, making it healthy and hygienic to wear against the skin for enhanced wellbeing. 

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