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Understand our products at a glance

Understand our products at a glance

Pictograms by Orthoservice Ro+Ten

In a world where life is faster paced than ever and digital communications travel at the speed of light, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. 

So, to complement our photographs and videos we have created pictograms that describe our products and convey their distinctive features at a glance.

Let’s have a look at one: Anatomical Fit

This is the pictogram you find for products that provide an excellent fit and adapt perfectly to the wearer’s body so that they are comfortable to wear throughout the entire day. 

This pictogram features for most of our corsets (Sat, Litecross and Lumboskill), knee braces (Genuskill, Genufit and Pluspoint) and insoles (Podifer and Pedivis).

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