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No escaping the pain of inflamed heels or plantar fasciitis?

No escaping the pain of inflamed heels or plantar fasciitis?

Relief is a step away with Podifer60!

Once the summer break is over we are inevitably back to our normal everyday routines by October. 

Our days are very busy again and our feet, which provide essential support for our bodies, are the first to feel the strain. 

Unfortunately, the onset of plantar fasciitis and inflamed heels becomes a painful nuisance that we have to deal with. 

The Podifer60 cushioning insole has been specially designed to help you cope with these conditions. 

The special shock-absorbing material softens the foot’s initial impact with the ground and cushions the energy produced as the foot touches the floor, so Podifer60 is perfect people that spend long hours walking or standing and want more relaxed feet plus enhanced comfort when walking. 

With its ultra-thin design, Podifer60 slips easily into footwear while the PodoDry felt helps to wick sweat away from the skin to the outside to keep feet healthy. 

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