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Litecross. Ensuring back pain leaves us in peace

Litecross. Ensuring back pain leaves us in peace

Why feel pain at the computer if you can avoid it?

The lumbosacral part of our spine is frequently under pressure. 

It can happen when we are on our feet for extended periods and also when we sit in front of the computer for hours. Something familiar to many of us in these times of remote working! Sitting up straight with our hands on the keyboard creates an imbalance that the back tries to counter by stiffening our muscles. This is why feeling sore and achy in the evening is the least that can happen. 

Wearing a corset from the Litecross range is an excellent way to prevent any discomfort. 

The choice of models includes low, high, extra-low and the version with shoulder straps to even help the posture of our shoulders. 

Thanks to their lightweight design, strategically positioned elastic straps and breathable Sensitive fabric, all the corsets ensure greater stability for the spine. It is like having “added support” for your back to help it stay straight, while relieving muscle fatigue and providing a new found feeling of comfort. 

How satisfying when comfort and convenience go hand in hand with good health. 

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